To join in the hunt for an OmniPod integration with OpenAPS, fill out the form below. The hope is that other OmniPod users will join in the hunt, and make this project too big to ignore. This is a pledge to make payment for successful delivery of an OmniPOD plugin for the OpenAPS System. We ask that you make some initial contribution to help defray ongoing costs:

  • If you are pledging under $100, please send in your full pledge as soon as you are able.
  • Over $100, under $500, please send in 1/2 of your pledge.
  • Over $500, please send in 1/4 of your pledge.

All pledges can be fulfilled by sending money to via PayPal.
By filling out this form, you understand that this is a financial commitment. Contributions to OpenOmni are not tax deductible. 

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If you are pledging under $100, we ask that you send your contribution to via PayPal today. This will help fund immediate needs such as shipping pods around or other miscellaneous hardware. For pledges from $100 to $500, we ask that you submit 1/2. Over $500, please submit 1/4.