Some Questions You Might Have

  • Is this legal? I think so. Maybe. But I'm not a lawyer. I'm hoping that the combination of a patient/owner derived solution in combination with the October issued Exception to DCMA for Medical Devices will offer some protection. It's entirely possible it doesn't, but I'm perfectly willing to take that risk. It's got to be less risky than a continued pattern of me dosing my child with insulin at 1:00 AM. And 3:45 AM. And....
  • What does success look like? The complete solution would communicate with an initialized OmniPod to deliver temporary basals and receive status updates. Ideally, the solution would also handle Pod start and Stop actions, allowing the user to simply use the PDM as a backup device. This may be clarified or expanded based on conversations with the broader OpenAPS community. There will likely be some road map to success where in awards will be made for relevant milestones. Some milestones might look like;
    • Read status from the Pod 
    • Send temporary basal commands to the Pod
    • Activate and deactivate Pods
  • I've got spare equipment, where do I send it? I'm collecting PDMs unused Pods to begin distributing them for testing. At the end of the process, any leftover equipment will be donated to one of the Pay-it-Forward FB groups that exist to support the T1 community. If you want to donate, e-mail me and I'll send you my address. 
  • How much money has been pledged? Check out the Pledges page. It's a semi-live updated spreadsheet that is being updated as people fill in the Join form. 
  • Is this a charity project? Or related to the Nightscout Foundation? No, it is not. This is parents, caregivers, loved ones and PWDs putting out a completely independent prize to spur development of a solution to a very common want. This is flat-out a mercenary effort to make life with T1D suck less.
  • Where's the money going? There are some details still being worked out to be honest. When someone or some party begins to ask for resources, then we will ask for 20% commitments into a PayPal account. As milestones are reached, published, and accepted, some percentage will be paid out. There will be a hold back of 20% to be paid to the broader community, as they will be heavily involved with the review and acceptance of any new solution. Some portion of the pledged prize may also be used to handle logistical costs such as shipping PDMs/Pods around to developers. 

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